Emergency Preparedness

Be ready when the next emergency strikes!  Disasters can happen at any time and being prepared for the next emergency is critical.  Start planning now and take the time to assess how prepared you and your family and community are.  Make sure you: 1) get a kit, 2) make a plan and 3) are informed. 

Being prepared can be easy with these simple steps:

1. GET A KIT - We recommend that you have enough supplies to help yourself and your household for seven days. Your emergency preparedness kit should include food, water, blankets, clothing, sturdy shoes, medications, flashlight, radio and any other supplies you rely on daily.  

 2. MAKE A PLAN - Every household, business and organization should have an emergency plan.  Create a household communications plan, emergency meeting locations, and routes to get to the meeting places. Consider the needs of your household especially those of children, older adults, and pets. Make plans on how to handle specific medical, dietary, language needs. 

 3. BE INFORMED - Sign up for SM Alerts and Santa Monica social media pages. Receive emergency messages and important community updates and share them with your neighbors. 

Please take a moment to check your emergency supplies, update your contact information, and sign up to receive SMAlerts, our community emergency alerts.

To contact the Office of Emergency Management, email OEM@santamonica.gov