How to Submit a Temporary Traffic Control Plan

Temporary Traffic Control Plans (TTCPs) are required whenever work is proposed in the public right-of-way located on a Street of Significance, with the exception of work that is wholly confined to the sidewalk, parkway, parking lane, and/or shoulder.

Temporary traffic control plans must follow the requirements outlined in the Temporary Traffic Control Packet and comply with the latest edition of the California Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). 

Continue the Process:
  1. Determine if a Temporary Traffic Control Plan is Required

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    • Check this map to see if work will occur on a Street of Significance
    • A TTCP is only required if the scope of work encroaches into a vehicular or bicycle lane. 
    • A TTCP is not required if work is confined to the sidewalk, parkway, parking lane, and/or shoulder.

    Download the TTCP Packet

  2. Create Citizen Access Application and Pay Fees

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    • Register an Account or Sign In to the Citizen Access Portal
    • Click "Create an Application" and complete all five steps
    • The email account used for this step will also be used to set up a new plan submittal in the City's Electronic Plan Review (EPR) system, ProjectDox

    Download the TTCP Citizen Access Instructions

  3. Submit Project Plans in ProjectDox

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    • Upon successfully creating an application in the citizen access portal, a project invitation will be emailed to you from ProjectDox
    • Follow the instructions in the email to upload project plans and any other supporting documents
    • To complete this step, be sure to accept & complete the "Applicant Upload" Task in ProjectDox

    Download the TTCP Upload Standards

  4. Plan Review

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    Applicants receive an email notifying if the City requests changes or if the review process is complete. The City review can be found in ProjectDox as change marks, checklists, and comments. If resubmittal is requested, the applicant is addressing City comments and uploading updated plans. Please note that updated plans must match the naming conventions of the original submittal. 

    The intital payment covers applicants for a total of two cycles of review. Third and subsequent reviews are charged an additional fee per sheet. See below for complete fee schedule. 

  5. Download Approved Plans

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    Applicants will receive an email notification when plans are stamped and ready to download from the ProjectDox platform. 

  6. Obtain Additional Permits

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    A City-approved TTCP is not an authorization to implement the TTCP in the public right-of-way or to perform any work. Once a TTCP is approved, applicants are required to obtain the appropriate permit from the Public Works Department. 

    If your project requires Temporary No Parking Signs, go here to learn more. 

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