Farmers Market Vendors

We are proud to work with these vendors to bring our customers high quality produce, food and retail.  

Some vendors are seasonal and participation is subject to change.

Market participation codes are as follows:  MST=Sunday Main Street,  WED=Wednesday Downtown, SAT=Saturday Downtown, PICO=Saturday Pico

2 Peas In A Pod  (WED)

4th Street Baker (MST, PICO)

Achadinha Cheese Co.  (WED)

Adams Olive Ranch  (WED, SAT, PICO)

Andy's Orchard  (WED, SAT)

Apricot Lane Farms - ORGANIC (WED)

Autonomy Farms  (WED)

Avila and Sons Farm (MST, PICO)

Baker's Kneaded (PICO)

Barbagelata Farms  (WED)

Baron's Microgreens  (MST)

Bautista Organic Date Farm - ORGANIC (WED)

Behneman Family Farms  (MST)

Bernard Ranches  (WED)

Beylik Farms  (SAT, WED)

Bezjian's Bakery  (WED)

Bill's Bees  (MST, SAT)

Bolanos Family Sprouts  (SAT)

Border Grill (MST)

Boule de Pain (MST)

Briar Patch  (WED, PICO)

Bun Boss (MST)

Buon Gusto Farms  (MST, WED)

Burkart Farms - ORGANIC (WED)

Cabral Farm  (PICO, WED)

Cal Creation RB's Ranch  (MST, WED)

Casitas Valley Pastures (MST, SAT)

Chuy Berry Farms  (MST, SAT)

Coleman Farm  (WED, SAT)

Country Rhodes  (SAT)

Crepes by Silvio (MST)

County Line Harvest - ORGANIC (WED)

Cuyama Orchards - ORGANIC (MST, WED, SAT)

Dates by DaVall  (WED, SAT)

Dave's Kimchee (MST, PICO)

Drake Family Farms  (MST, WED, SAT)

Energy Bee Farm  (WED, PICO)

Etheridge Farms - ORGANIC (SAT)

Erickson Farms - ORGANIC/Conventional (MST, WED, SAT)

Fair Hills Farm  (WED, SAT)

Fat Uncle Farm  (WED)

Finley Farm - ORGANIC (WED, SAT)

First Fruits Sweet Corn - (WED)

Flora Bella Farm - ORGANIC (WED, SAT)

Flying Disc Ranch  (WED)

Forbidden Fruit - ORGANIC (WED, SAT)

Frecker Farms (WED, PICO)

Fresno Evergreen  (WED, PICO)

Friends Ranch  (WED)

Frogs Organic Bakery - ORGANIC  (SAT)

Garcia Organic Farm - ORGANIC (MST, WED, SAT, PICO)

Gourmet Specialties (MST)

Harry's Berries / Gean Farm - ORGANIC (MST, WED, SAT)

Her Produce  (WED)

Holy Guacamole (MST)

Idyll Horse Farm  (WED, SAT)

JG Berries  (PICO, WED)

Jimenez Farm  (WED, SAT)

JJ's Lone Daughter Ranch - ORGANIC (WED, SAT)

Jewel Dates (MST)

John Givens Farm  (SAT)

Juicy Fruit Farm  (WED)

K&K Ranch (WED)

Kaliko Farms - ORGANIC (SAT)

Kandarian Organic Farms - ORGANIC (SAT, WED)

Ken's Top Notch Produce - ORGANIC (PICO)

Kenter Canyon Farms - ORGANIC (WED, SAT)

Koda Farms  (WED)

Lily's Eggs  (MST, WED, SAT, PICO)

Little Plants Farm (PICO)

Logan’s Gardens - ORGANIC (WED, SAT)

Maggie's Farm - ORGANIC (WED, SAT)

Main St. Business Improvement Assn.  (MST)

Markov Farms  (WED)

Masa Catalina (MST, PICO)

McFarlin Family Farm - ORGANIC (MST)

McGrath Family Farm - ORGANIC (WED)

Mehealani Farms - (WED)

Mendoza Family Farms  (WED, PICO)

Mike & Sons Egg Ranches  (WED)

Milliken Family Farms  (WED, SAT)

Mingle's Coconuts (MST)

Mis Padre's Salsa  (PICO)

Morimoto Orchard/Magical Grapes  (WED)

Munak Ranch  (WED, SAT)

Murray Family Farm - ORGANIC/Conventional  (WED, SAT, PICO)

Myriad Flowers  (WED, SAT)

Nuvo Olive Oil  (WED)

Olson Family Farms - ORGANIC (MST, SAT)

Patty Farms  (MST, WED, SAT)

Peads & Barnetts  (WED, SAT)

Persiano Cafe (MST)

Polito Family Farms  (WED)

Rancho Cortez / L.O.V. Farms  (MST, PICO)

Rancho la Vina (SAT)

Refined Grind (PICO)

Regier Family Farms  (WED)

Rincon del Mar - (WED)

Rocky Canyon Produce  (WED, SAT)

Santa Barbara Channel Seafood Co.  (MST)

Santa Barbara Pistachio Co. - ORGANIC  (WED)

Schaner Farms  (WED)

Scott Family Farms  (MST, WED)

See Canyon Farm  (WED)

Smith Farms - ORGANIC (MST, WED)

Soy Sauce Bento (MST)

Spring Hill Cheese - ORGANIC (SAT)

Sproutime  (SAT, WED)

Stargate Gardens (WED, PICO)

Stepladder Ranch and Creamery (WED, PICO)

Suncoast Farms  (MST, WED, SAT, PICO)

Sunrise Ranch (MST, WED)

Sycamore Hill - ORGANIC (SAT)

Tamai Farms  (WED, SAT)

Tehachapi Grain Project  (WED)

Telos Ojai (WED)

Tenerelli Orchards  (WED, SAT)

Terry Ranch  (WED, SAT)

Tea Waves (PICO)

The Garden Of - ORGANIC (WED)

Transparent Sea (WED)

Tutti Frutti Farms - ORGANIC (WED)

Valdivia Farms  (PICO, WED)

Valley Center Growers   (MST, SAT, PICO)

Venegas Creek Roses   (PICO)

Weiser Family Farms  (WED, SAT, PICO)

Wild Local Seafood Co.  (WED, SAT, PICO) 

Windrose Farm  (WED)

Yasutomi Farming  (WED, SAT)

Yao Cheng - ORGANIC (MST, SAT)

ZGarden  (MST, PICO)

Farmers, Ranchers and Fishers wishing to apply can click here for more information.

Prepared, pre-packaged food and retail vendors wishing to apply can click here for more information.