Safe Routes to School

Safe Routes to School

Safe Routes to School is a sustained effort to improve the health and wellbeing of children by helping families to feel confident walking, biking, and skating to school.

This program has two top priorities: 

1. Making Streets Safer: Designing and constructing streets to enhance the safety of students, particularly those rolling, walking or bicycling, to and from school. We leverage local transportation funds to construct the school related infrastructure projects.

2. Programs: Promote a culture in school communities that prioritizes safety, physical activity, and sustainable transportation, and help families feel confident biking and walking to school by offering education and encouragement programs. Ongoing education programs includes: 

  • Bike It! Walk It! - Each year schools work to encourage as many students as possible to bike, walk, skate, scoot, or ride the bus to school. Teachers participate by counting the number of kids who participate in a districtwide competition to see who can get the most. Launched in 2010, Bike It! Walk It! is now a parent-led initiative. 
  • Kidical Mass - On weekends, families are invited to participate in a neighborhood bike ride led by certified bicycling instructors. Biking in groups can be a fun and safe way to practice skills on the roadway and meet other families in the community. Events usually include a fun crafting project and snacks for all.