Seismic Retrofit Program

Earthquake preparedness is a part of life in Southern California. Damage to vulnerable buildings, physical injury, and loss of life are the most apparent threats from earthquakes, as well as significant economic loss.

City Council adopted the Seismic Retrofit Ordinance in March 2017 in order to implement the Seismic Retrofit Program (‘Program’). The Program acknowledges the reality that exists within our region and proactively seeks to strengthen existing older buildings to enhance the security and safety of their occupants.

Over 2,000 commercial and multi-family residential buildings in the City were identified as potentially seismically vulnerable in need of possible structural improvement and are required to comply with the Program (see the Seismic Retrofit Ordinance Compliance and Noticing Schedule).

Is your building on the list?

Use our tools below to determine whether a property has been identified as containing a building that may be potentially seismically vulnerable.