How to Schedule a Building Permit Inspection

All development projects with a valid building permit require inspection by a building inspector to ensure that construction proceeds according to approved plans and minimum code requirements. Jobsites must be available for Inspection Services from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.

Soft Opening for Public Counter Inspection Hours
We’re excited to announce a soft opening for inspection hours at our public counter in June 2024. During this trial period, we’ll be available to assist you on the following days and times:

If this schedule works well, we may cancel afternoon hours and continue with the morning only.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we refine our services. We look forward to serving you!

Continue the Process:

How to schedule an inspection online

  1. Visit inspection scheduling website

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  2. Provide building permit and property information

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    Enter the permit number and the street number for the desired permit and select 'Lookup Permit Information'

  3. Select inspection information

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    Select the type of inspection requested, the date of inspection, and provide contact information

  4. + -

    Click the 'Schedule Inspection' button

How to schedule an inspection by phone

  1. Call 310-458-2202

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  2. Follow the prompts to make your selection

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    Press '1' to schedule an inspection

    Press '2' to cancel or reschedule an inspection

    Press '3' to check inspection results

  3. Enter the first two numerical digits of your Permit Number followed by the pound '#' key

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  4. Follow the prompt to identify your permit type

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    Press '1' for BLD permit types

    Press '2' for MH permit types

  5. Enter the 4-digit number after the dash in your Permit Number then press the pound '#' key

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  6. Enter the job site's Street Number then press the pound '#' key

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  7. Follow remaining prompts for entering the Inspection Code and preferred date of inspection

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    For a listing of Inspection Codes, visit here