How to Dispose of Hazardous Materials

In the City's commitment to zero waste activities, we have contracted with CleanEarth to provide residents with a no cost, residential door-to-door household hazardous waste collections program.  (This program is not open to the business community.)

For Residents:

The process is simple: CleanEarth will visit your home and safely and compliantly remove residential household hazardous waste that should not be placed in your typical trash or recycle bin, including OTC and prescription medication and electronics.

Many of the products that we commonly use to clean or maintain our homes, cars, and yards contain hazardous ingredients. Fortunately, alternatives exist that can accomplish the same tasks while reducing or eliminating many hazardous chemicals. However, there may be times when you need to use a hazardous chemical to get the job done. The resources on this site highlight important aspects of the process for disposing of household hazardous waste to help you achieve the best possible results and safeguard yourself and the community against the dangers of hazardous products. Click here to be directed to the CleanEarth website to schedule a pickup, or call (877) 443-2371.

For Businesses:

For our business community, the City of Santa Monica operates the Hazardous Waste Drop-off Center for Small Business to provide small quantity generators operating within Santa Monica, a legal and affordable solution to hazardous and/or universal waste disposal.

If your business qualifies as a Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator (CESQG), you may bring your hazardous waste to the Hazardous Waste Drop-off Center for Small Businesses at the Santa Monica City Yards Facility.  Appointments are required. Click the "In Person" tab and scroll down to learn more about the process.

For large quantity generators, please contract with a private vendor to dispose of hazardous waste.

Continue the Process:
  1. Residents Can Visit the CleanEarth Website

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    To schedule a hazardous waste material pickup through our residential door-to-door household hazardous waste collections program, click here and select Request Pickup.

  1. Residents Can Call CleanEarth

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    In addition to requesting a pickup online, you can call CleanEarth directly at (877) 443-2371 to schedule your residential door-to-door hazardous waste material pickup.

For locations around the city that will take allow drop off of individual items such as prescription medication, paint, and batteries please check the Frequently Asked Questions below.

  1. For Qualified CESQG Businesses:

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    The City of Santa Monica operates the CESQG Program to provide small quantity generators operating within Santa Monica with a legal and affordable solution to hazardous and/or universal waste disposal.

    Santa Monica qualifying small businesses can drop off their hazardous waste materials on the second Wednesday of each month between the hours of 8:00am and 2:00pm at the City Yard Facility located at 2500 Michigan Ave, Santa Monica, CA  90404. Please email to schedule your appointment.

    1. Please include the following with any correspondence: business name, phone number, address, contact person.
    2. The appointment and fee will be issued by staff with a follow-up call or email.
    3. All Santa Monica businesses must show their business license when they dispose of waste at the Hazardous Waste Drop-off Center for Small Business.
    4. Accepted forms of payment are by company or personal check.

    State and Federal laws require that all businesses that generate or accumulate hazardous and/or universal wastes to comply with regulations for proper disposal of these wastes. Generators of small quantities of hazardous and/or universal wastes may be conditionally exempt from many of the regulations if they deliver the waste to permitted collection sites.

    Your business must be located within the City of Santa Monica and generate less than 220 pounds or 27 gallons of hazardous waste (e.g. paints, solvents, aerosol cans, photographic chemicals, asbestos) per month. Universal wastes such as fluorescent lights, batteries and electronics are not subject to weight or quantity limits but the weights and quantities must be consistent with what would normally be generated by a small business. These guidelines are set out in the Code of Federal Regulations 40 CFR 261.5 and the California Code of Regulations Title 22, Section 66260.10.

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