Climate Action and Adaptation

The Climate Action & Adaptation Plan sets a goal to achieve an 80% reduction (below 1990 levels) in community carbon emissions by 2030.

The Climate Action section focuses on eight objectives in three sectors:

  • Zero Net Carbon Buildings
  • Zero Waste
  • Sustainable Mobility

The Climate Adaptation section focuses on community resilience to climate change through four sectors:

  • Climate Ready Community
  • Water Self-Sufficiency
  • Coastal Flooding Preparedness
  • Low Carbon Food & Ecosystems

Santa Monica tracks progress toward the City's ambitious targets through greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventories. These inventories provide a snapshot of our community‚Äôs carbon impact and identify opportunities to reduce emissions. Tracking these data is a best practice to ensure accountability and monitor progress over time. Santa Monica has been tracking local greenhouse gas emissions for over 20 years with periodic community inventories.

2022 GHG Inventory

2020 GHG Inventory

2018 GHG Inventory

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