Holiday Parking Enforcement

Parking Meters 

Parking meters will not be enforced on the following holidays, except for meters that are enforced daily according to posted signage. Meters that are enforced daily must be paid on all weekdays, weekends, and holidays. 

Street Cleaning 

Residents are encouraged to comply with posted signs for parking prohibitions for street sweeping during the days and times indicated. Additionally, street cleaning will not be enforced on the following holidays: 

Preferential Parking 

Preferential Parking (residential/visitor permits) will not be enforced on the following holidays: 

Disabled Person Placard/Plates 

A vehicle displaying a valid Disabled Person placard or license plate may park: In parking spaces with the International Symbol of Access (wheelchair symbol). Next to a blue curb authorized for persons with disabilities parking. Next to a green curb without restrictions to time limits. In an on-street metered parking space at no charge. On a street that indicates it requires a residential or preferential parking permit. More information on Disabled Person placards/plates can be found on the Santa Monica Police Department and Department of Motor Vehicles websites. 

Towing Information 

If your vehicle is towed from a City street or City-owned lot or structure, call the Santa Monica Police Department at (310) 458-8495. Your vehicle can be towed for any of the following violations: 

Other Reminders