Green Building in Santa Monica

Green buildings are healthy for occupants and have minimal or no negative impacts on the environment.  Building materials, efficient appliances, and on-site renewable energy are key considerations.

Homes and businesses that burn gas for water heating, space heating, cooking and clothes drying are responsible for almost a quarter of local emissions. To address pollution from buildings, Santa Monica is committed to support building electrification in both existing buildings and new construction. 

What is Electrification? Electrification refers to the process of replacing everything that burns fossil fuels with efficient electric alternatives. Since, electricity in Santa Monica is generated by the Clean Power Alliance utilizing renewables such as solar, wind, and geothermal, electric buildings and electric vehicles are major climate solutions.

Switching to cleaner electric appliances to cook our food and heat our homes improves both indoor and outdoor air quality, maximizing comfort, safety and good-health of our residents. Switching to electric appliances will not only help reach Santa Monica’s emissions reductions goals, but will also reduce energy bills in the long-term. Navigate the resources below to learn more about electrification and find rebates that make switching to electric appliances affordable.