Building Permits and Plan Review

A building permit is authorization from the City to allow a permittee to commence the proposed construction, alteration, demolition, or repair of a building or structure. The plan review process must be completed, and all applicable City approvals must be secured, prior to issuance of a building permit to ensure the proposed activity complies with applicable codes and regulations, including building, zoning, and fire codes. The level of plan review required for a project depends on the scope of work. All construction activity authorized by a building permit requires inspection clearances at various stages of the project prior to completing the project and receiving final inspection approval. 

Plan Review

Plan review for construction projects will fall into one of the following plan review types bulleted below, depending upon the scope of work proposed. Instructions on how to submit for each plan review type are linked below. 

  • Same-Day Review - for certain minor projects such as reroofs, mechanical installations, facade remodels/repairs that can be reviewed and approved at the public counter
  • Plan Review - all other projects that do not qualify for an E-permit or Same-Day Review, or exceed the mechanical/electrical/plumbing plan review thresholds. 

Plan Review Resources

Plan Review Supporting Documents

Building and Safety 'How Tos'

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