Bike Action Plan Amendment

The Bike Action Plan Amendment (BAPA) outlines the path forward for Santa Monica to build a protected bike lane network citywide by 2025. By prioritizing bicycle connections that are safer and more accessible, the BAPA builds on the same goals and objectives as Santa Monica's 2011 Bike Action Plan and 2010 Land Use and Circulation Element. 

Protected bike lanes remove many of the stresses inherent on larger streets by creating physical separation between people riding bikes and people driving cars. By reducing opportunities for conflict, protected bike lanes create an environment that is more welcoming to a broader array of experience levels. Families with children and novice riders who may not ride in the straightest lines, or who are nervous about traffic, benefit from facilities like protected bike lanes. Creating safer streets that encourage bicycle riding is an important part of Santa Monica's mission to reach climate goals, improve public health, and build community resiliency. The Bike Action Plan Amendment is an achievable plan, focused on high-impact projects that the City can get done in the near future. 

The Bike Action Plan Amendment was formally adopted by Santa Monica City Council on October 13, 2020. 

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Bike Action Plan Amendment

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