We Are Santa Monica Fund

In spring of 2020 during the early weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Santa Monica established the We Are Santa Monica emergency fund administered by California Community Foundation to receive tax-deductible donations and offer urgent relief to neighbors and organizations providing direct services to Santa Monicans.

In 2021, the We Are Santa Monica Fund Advisory Board was established to help advance the fund’s mission, update guidelines for grant proposals, broaden the Fund’s impact and reimagine it as a lasting resource for a vibrant, resilient and equitable city where everyone can thrive. 

Important Funding Information

With availability of grants limited, competition for funds continually increasing and strategic priorities changing over time to reach a wider group of not-for-profit organizations serving Santa Monica, every application is seriously considered and vetted to determine which will move forward. Additionally, previous funding does not mean there will be funding for subsequent years, or on an ongoing basis. 

Funding preference is given for direct services benefiting Santa Monica. While maximum funding is now $20,000, with some exceptions, most grants average below that amount. 

Receipt of funds need to be acknowledged by organizations receiving grants within 10 days of receiving the funds from California Community Foundation and required to answer a brief questionnaire after four months from receipt of the grants to learn how the fund furthered the organization’s mission.

Grant Proposal Requirements

  • Proof of 501C3 not-for-profit status
  • Fiscal year total organizational budget
  • Budget for the proposed project 
  • List of applicant’s board of directors
  • Recent audited financials and/or a copy of the most recent 990
  • Complete answers to questions regarding the proposal include in the application
  • Application must be submitted a minimum of 3 months before funding is needed.
Please Note: We Are Santa Monica Fund is unable to support the following:
  • Capital requests or technology
  • Promotion of person or organizational financial gain
  • Fundraising events
  • Endowment Funds
  • Religious organizations for the sole benefit of their group or congregation
  • Political and for-profit organizations
  • The needs or goals of individuals or small groups
  • Ongoing operations, rather than specific programs
  • Budget shortfalls
  • Organizations that do not provide direct services in Santa Monica
  • Foundations

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