All Good Things Come in Blue

December 15, 2016
by Suja Lowenthal

Motor Coach Operator Tarsha Ayers received an unexpected call last week while staffing the customer service line. Conney Loften dropped her middle school-aged sons at the bus stop to catch Blue as she does every day. That afternoon, Ms. Loften told her boys, ride Route 3 to the stop on eastbound Century Boulevard and International Road, where she would be waiting to pick them up. Route 3 was on detour and would not be serving the stop. The boys never made it there.

Ms. Loften panicked, her boys were missing. It was the stuff of any mother’s worst nightmare. Tarsha heard the mother’s plea on the other end of the line, and wasted no time. She ran to dispatch to alert her supervisor, her wireless headset still on her head, and on with Ms. Loften. They activated a team of all southbound Route 3 and Rapid 3 Motor Coach Operators in the LAX area. Barely minutes had passed, and the search for Ms. Loften’s boys was on.

Kimberly Jackson, Erwin Escalante, and Steven Kushner, three Big Blue Bus Motor Coach Operators in the area activated by Tarsha’s alert, took time from their route to stop by Century and International to reassure Ms. Loften that every Big Blue Bus driver in the area had their eyes peeled for her sons.

Tarsha was still on the line with Ms. Loften when news came through: the boys were found. Tarsha told Ms. Loften exactly where her sons were waiting for her, just a few stops earlier.

Ms. Loften expressed in tears her immeasurable gratitude.

“When people are concerned about your children and help you, it is a blessing you cannot even describe. The worst feeling is when your kids are missing. How Tarsha and BBB helped me is something I will never forget. Thank you all and Merry Christmas!”

Here at Big Blue Bus, we have programs like Blue to School, and a team of dedicated, caring, and compassionate professionals that aim to serve, above all, you. Experiences like this one are why we do what we do here at Big Blue Bus. As we move into the holiday season, and take stock of ourselves and those around us, we want to extend a special thanks to Ms. Loften, her boys, and the rest of the parents and commuting community for trusting Big Blue Bus to get you and your loved ones where you need to go—school, work, or back home—safely.  Happy holidays!


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