Big Blue Bus is Stroller Friendly!

April 11, 2019 8:12 AM
by Sirinya Matute

Whether you’re heading out on a family adventure, running errands, or commuting to work or daycare, it’s easy to ride Big Blue Bus (BBB) with young children in a stroller.

Here are five things to know about riding BBB with your stroller on board:

  1. You can ask the operator to deploy the wheelchair ramp. We also suggest telling the operator where you are getting off so that he or she can deploy the wheelchair ramp at the right place and time.
  1. Stroller placement: New! Once you’re on board the bus, park your stroller in the wheelchair securement area. If possible, fold the seats in the wheelchair area as well. You may leave your child in the stroller.

Graphic showing where to pull lever to fold the seat on the bus

  1. Safety First: Secure your child into the stroller, lock the wheels, and hold onto the stroller at all times.
  1. Just in Case. Prepare to fold your stroller if the bus becomes crowded or a customer with a wheelchair boards the bus. If you own multiple strollers, bring the one that is the most compact or easiest to fold.
  1. Plan Ahead. As a mom who rides BBB frequently with her toddler son, my advice to new parents is to be as adaptable and hands-free as possible. When my son was an infant, I found it helpful to bring a baby carrier if I had to to fold my stroller, or if it became more practical to wear him instead. I also use a fanny pack instead of a purse, and wear a lanyard with my TAP card for easy tapping at the farebox.

Customer is shown holding onto her stroller while the bus is in motion.

Why This Matters

Making it easier for families to leave their car at home and ride the bus, especially those with infants and young toddlers, is part of Santa Monica and BBB’s commitment to creating a diverse, connected, and safe mobility system while helping customers move efficiently and reduce carbon emissions.

Too often families may feel compelled to drive because riding transit, especially with a baby or toddler, seems daunting – even if transit is statistically up to 10 times safer than driving.

More importantly, riding BBB and other forms of public transportation is a vital way to connect with your community. I can’t count the number of times that my toddler has helped me start conversations with our customers. It’s touching when customers engage with my child by playing peek-a-boo or by chatting with him.

We would love to see photos of you and your children on board! Take a selfie and use the hashtag #bigbluebus so we can share with other families.


Authored By

Sirinya Matute
Transportation Management Specialist