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Breeze Bike Share Reaches One Million Miles Traveled

June 27, 2017 1:13 PM
by Kyle Kozar

Breeze Bike Share Reaches One Million Miles Traveled

According to the City of Santa Monica’s Climate Action and Adaptation Plan, gasoline-powered vehicles are a top contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in California. A recent Los Angeles Times analysis suggested that if everyone in Southern California drove 12 percent less than we did five years ago, or about two trips per week, then we could meet our emission goals. Santa Monica is making a real impact on reducing emissions with bikeshare. 

In only 18 months, Breeze Bike Share has become an integral part of how people move around Santa Monica, reducing vehicle trips in our community. Nearly 65,000 users have subscribed to the program with over 466,000 trips completed. This equates to 874,000 lbs. of carbon kept from the atmosphere. Last week, residents, workers, and visitors to Santa Monica collectively surpassed one million miles on the City’s Breeze Bike Share program. Breeze Bike Share’s 500 bikes have traveled the same distance as 327 trips from Santa Monica to New York City or 4.18 trips from Earth to the Moon.

It’s not just tourists checking out bikes. Breeze is proving very popular with commuters. Here are some stats from our annual survey:

  • 50% of respondents reported driving their car “somewhat” (28%) or “much less” (22%) often as a result of bike share.
  • 40% of annual survey respondents reported taking Breeze to and from other forms of public transit, while 31% reported taking Breeze to work.
  • 20 local businesses and 144 employees have taken advantage of the Employee Benefits Program, which give business owners steep discounts for bulk purchasing annual memberships for their employees.

Like the Big Blue Bus, those bright green Breeze Bikes have become an icon of Santa Monica’s commuter culture. Citywide access and a simple sign-up process makes Breeze the ideal choice for hop-on/hop-off trips around town.

Want to help us hit our climate action goals? To join thousands of Breeze users in transforming mobility in Santa Monica, simply visit For more information regarding the Employee Benefits Program, contact me, Kyle Kozar, the City’s Bike Share Coordinator (

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