Downtown Santa Monica Community Updates

June 6, 2022 1:47 PM
by Anuj Gupta

The City of Santa Monica is dedicated to being a safe and welcoming place, and ensuring a high quality of life for all its residents, workers and visitors. Addressing the ongoing public safety and quality of life questions in the downtown area remains a top priority, and the City deploys a comprehensive and collaborative approach to meet community needs by focusing on public safety, hospitality, maintenance, sanitation, and custodial services, working in close partnership with Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. Here are some related community updates:

Public Safety

The Santa Monica Police Department (SMPD) is working diligently to increase policing and outreach efforts to address concerns around public safety downtown. A new special operational unit in the downtown and Promenade area has been added to supplement the downtown service unit that polices our downtown 7 days a week. The special operational unit includes:

SMPD continues to proactively partner with other law enforcement, community organizations, and private security to address public safety through a collaborative effort, and we’re already seeing positive impacts of redeployment efforts that began in April 2022. Officers are more visible, response times have been reduced, and we’re continuing to monitor crime trends in real time.


The City’s Promenade Maintenance and Parking Operations Divisions combined with efforts by private businesses and Downtown Santa Monica Ambassadors work to provide extensive maintenance, sanitization and custodial services daily.

Supplemental Efforts

As part of the collaborative approach to address quality of life issues, the non-profit organization Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. (DTSM), supports City services by providing enhanced maintenance and an added physical presence in the Downtown district to address quality of life issues in real time.

Best Contacts

The following contacts are the best numbers to reach for specific community needs.

Moving forward, City leadership and staff continue to collaborate with local businesses, property owners, Downtown Santa Monica, Inc., contractors, and community partners to continue to work to maintain public safety, improve quality of life for our residents, workers, and visitors, and address emerging needs. We thank our entire community for joining us in our continued efforts to make Downtown Santa Monica a safe and inviting place for all to enjoy.

Authored By

Anuj Gupta
Deputy City Manager


Safety, Services