Community Update from Chief Batista

November 24, 2021 2:50 PM
by Ramon Batista

City of Santa Monica,

Over the past two weeks our nation cautiously observed the outcomes of the Rittenhouse and Arbery trials. Both cases have impacted communities throughout the country. As we start to prepare for our holiday season and reflect upon our blessings, I want the Santa Monica and visiting communities to know, we are grateful for your trust in us. 

For the next few weeks, our annual holiday staffing deployment plan will be operational. You can expect to see more officers in the shopping areas, the downtown promenade including our main corridors from Main Street to Montana Avenue. 

The police department’s enhanced deployment model was initiated this week in response to the opportunistic "flash mob" criminal acts that occurred in cities across the country, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento and Chicago. We are working with our security partners at the Santa Monica Place and DTSM to ensure we all do our part in keeping our commerce open for business, yet secured. 

However, we cannot be everywhere. We are asking you, our Santa Monica Community, to remain vigilant. If YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING. 

We will remain vigilant and committed to the protection of our City during the holiday season, extending into the new year. This includes continued communication and collaboration with our local, state and federal law enforcement colleagues.  

From all the men and women at the Santa Monica Police Department and the City of Santa Monica, working diligently to protect our community, a sincere “Thank You” for your support. 

Happy Thanksgiving

Chief Ramon Batista


Authored By

Ramon Batista
Chief of Police