How Paying your Big Blue Bus Fare on TAP Can Save You Money

November 28, 2017
by Sarah Coplan

How Paying your Big Blue Bus Fare on TAP Can Save You Money

When you use a TAP card on Big Blue Bus, you will pay less for a one-way fare.

On November 26th, Big Blue Bus introduced new fare products to help speed up travel time and provide more convenient, cost-effective, and flexible options for paying your Big Blue Bus fare. A one-way fare price for TAP card users will drop from $1.25 to $1.10, saving customers $0.15 per ride! Cash users will continue to pay the regular $1.25 rate. All math aside, the bottom line is that by using a TAP card instead of cash you will pay a lower fare.

Using a TAP Card is not just wallet friendly, it also offers convenience and security. It allows you to deduct exact fare amounts to expedite boarding time, while also making it easier to connect with other transit systems, such as Metro Bus and Metro Rail.

What is a TAP card you ask? A TAP card is a durable, reloadable card that can be used on any transit agency in LA County. This means with one electronic card, you no longer have to fumble for bills or coins when boarding Big Blue Bus. Instead, just TAP the card at the mobile validator as you enter, look for the green screen to verify that your card is valid and go!

TAP Cards are available for purchase for a one-time fee of up to $2. You can load your TAP card online (, by phone (1.866.TAPTOGO), in-person at Blue: The Transit Store (1334 5th Street, Santa Monica), Ticket Vending Machines at any Metro Rail Station, or at TAP vendor locations in LA County.

To learn more about buying and loading your Big Blue Bus fare on TAP, visit:

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