Keeping Up With Electric Vehicles

November 1, 2018
by Ariana Vito

Keeping Up With Electric Vehicles

This article originally appeared in the October edition of Seascape

As of January 2018, there were nearly 2,500 registered electric vehicles (EV) in Santa Monica. That represents a 150% increase since 2015, which means EV adoption is accelerating quickly. To meet the growing need for charging, the City is moving quickly to expand access for drivers. All new charging stations are smart charging stations. These smart stations can notify drivers when their batteries are full or time has expired, track energy usage, and send maintenance alerts when needed. In order to use the stations, drivers must have a ChargePoint RFID card (provided for all City fleet vehicles) or the ChargePoint app. All public stations are free to use. 


The City launched a Multi-Unit Dwelling EV Charging Station Rebate Pilot Program in July to help offset station costs for residents who live in buildings with three or more units. Fifteen applications were received and up to five applicants will receive funding. The rebate covers 75-100% of the station and installation cost depending on project type and eligibility, with a maximum rebate amount of $3,800 per applicant.


31 charging stations at Civic Center Parking Structure for City fleet vehicles

• Frees up all first floor charging stations for public use exclusively

12 charging stations in the Main Library Parking Structure

• 10 stations open for public use

• Three reserved for City fleet vehicles from 3 p.m. - 9 a.m


• Civic Center Solar Port

• Santa Monica Pier

• 1109 Montana Avenue

• Virginia Avenue Park 

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