Riders Guide to Paperless Transfers on TAP

April 25, 2018 9:09 AM
by Lauren Deaderick

Figure 1: taptogo.net website on a smartphone.

In preparation for the switch to paperless transfers on TAP, also called Transfer on 2nd Boarding (TO2B), Big Blue Bus (BBB) created this “Riders Guide to TO2B” to provide customers with information about how to prepare for this upcoming change to transfer payments.

What is TO2B?

Beginning in summer 2018, BBB and the other 23 TAP participating agencies in LA County will begin implementing TO2B. This means that transfers between different public transit agencies (interagency transfers) must be made with a TAP card; paper transfers will no longer be issued.

Why TO2B?

In addition to the efficiency and cost savings to TAP transit agencies, TO2B offers many benefits to you:

How to Prepare for TO2B

Step 1: Get a TAP card

A TAP card is a durable reusable, smart card that works as your bus pass. It costs $2 and can be purchased at the following locations:

  1. In-person at TAP vendor locations or Metro Rail Stations
  1. Online by creating a TAP account
  1. By phone at (866) TAP-TOGO (827-8646)

Senior, Disabled, and Medicare riders may apply for a free, Reduced Fare TAP card. Check qualifications and application instructions.

Step 2: Load Stored Value onto your TAP card

Stored Value is a specified amount of money that you load onto your card, using cash or credit, debit and prepaid cards. That money can be used to pay for rides, agency passes, and transfer fares. With Stored Value, the fare is automatically calculated and deducted from your account every time you tap.

You can load, manage, and check your Stored Value using the same three ways you purchased your TAP card: in-person, online and by phone.

Step 3: Ride with BBB and Our Transit Partners!

Figure 2: TAP card being used on BBB's mobile validator.

When you board a Big Blue Bus, use your TAP card by tapping the card on the mobile validator located at the front of every bus. A green screen and a positive beep means you are ready to ride! A red screen and negative beep means you need to load your card.

If you have any questions, please call BBB’s customer service Mon - Sat, at (310) 451-5444.

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Authored By

Lauren Deaderick
Administrative Intern