Santa Monica Announces New Budget Task Force

October 15, 2019 3:30 PM
by Stephanie Lazicki-Meyer

Santa Monica’s Budget Task Force has been selected as a strong balance of thoughtful and talented community and staff members. This group will evaluate ideas generated by City Departments and make recommendations to the City Manager for:

Budget Task Force Members:

Judy Abdo, former Mayor            
George Brown, retired attorney
Janine Bush, business and human resources consultant 
Lawrence Eubank, neighborhood leader and retired business owner
Ina Godoy, Assoc. Dir. of Finance & Business at UCLA      
Dominic Gomez, retired telecommunications CEO            
K. John Lee, former CPA, now green building contractor 
Kimberly Ong, managing engineer for Purple Line at Metro 

City of Santa Monica Staff
Brandi Lockhart, Staff Assistant, Housing & Economic Development     
Dominick Bei, Firefighter, Fire           
David Nanjo, Administrative Analyst, Big Blue Bus
Communications and Marketing Coordinator Jeremy Peterson, City Manager's Office
Concepcion Rechtszajd, Principal Community Services Supervisor, Community & Cultural Services
Matt Rice, Seargent, Police
Phillip Ticun, Capital Projects Manager, Public Works

Upcoming Meeting Dates:

For more information about the budget task force, visit

Authored By

Stephanie Lazicki-Meyer
Principal Administrative Analyst