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Santa Monica Fire Department 2020 Wildfire Response

September 9, 2020 3:00 PM
by Suzanne Post

Santa Monica Fire Department 2020 Wildfire Response

Recent years have brought unprecedented wildfires to California. Our highly trained Santa Monica Fire Department has answered the call to provide mutual aid during fire season and this year is no different. These deployments are critical to expanding the capacity of CalFire and as a partner to fire agencies statewide. They also offer unprecedented training on highly specialized fire response.

During all mutual aid deployments, SMFD remains fully staffed to serve Santa Monica. 

Here's an update on 2020 wildfire deployments as of September 9. For the latest, including photos, follow SMFD on Instagram and Facebook.  

Valley Fire - Active

1 Incident Commander deployed alongside several other agencies at the Valley fire mutual aid request.

Creek Fire - Active

SMFD has one Battalion Chief, and two Engine Companies deployed with Strike Team XLA2075.

Dolan Fire - Active

Four Rapid Extraction Module (REM) team members deployed.

The team is currently assigned to Div. Alpha supporting both Engine and Hotshot crews in very steep terrain. Saturday night the team had their first rescue, hiking approximately 4 miles with an elevation gain of around 1500’ to their patient. The REM module utilized rope rescue systems to belay the injured crew member down very steep and treacherous terrain to an awaiting ambulance. All members are doing well and word of possible demobilization today, 09/09/20.

LNU Lightning Complex Fire - Demobilized on September 2, 2020

Two Battallion Chiefs and two Engine Companies.

August Complex Fire - Demobilized on September 2, 2020 and August 29, 2020

One Incident Commander was deployed to the Mendocino National Forest on August 20.

Earlier in August, SMFD deployed to the Apple, Stagecoach, Red Salmon Complex, and Lake Fires. 

To track all incidents across the state, visit

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