Santa Monica Public Library Literacy Learner Runner Up in Southern California Writing Contest

April 17, 2023 3:21 PM
by Tara Crow

On Saturday, March 11, 2023, Santa Monica resident Elizaveta Rosman received a runner-up prize for her entry in the Southern California Library Literacy Networks Writer to Writer competition. Every year, adult literacy learners throughout Southern California read a book of their choice and write a personal letter to the author about how the book has affected them. Elizaveta worked with her volunteer tutor, retired Canyon Elementary teacher Susan Hamilburg, to read Terry Barber's biography of the aviator Amelia Earhart. She then wrote a letter to Barber sharing her personal reaction to Amelia Earhart's life story. Elizaveta and her tutor Susan worked together to craft and edit the letter into a winning piece of writing in the Advanced Writer category. Elizaveta was celebrated for her achievements at the 22nd Annual Writer to Writer Awards Banquet in Buena Park where she was able to receive her prize in front of a banquet hall full of other literacy learners, volunteer tutors, and literacy professionals. Elizaveta's letter was published in an anthology with the other winners. Also in attendance in support were Susan and Tara Crow, Literacy Programs Assistant for the Santa Monica Public Library.

The Santa Monica Public Library's Adult Literacy Program is a free service through which adult learners can receive one-on-one help from volunteer tutors to work toward their reading and writing goals. For more information about the program, interested parties can call or text (818) 255-8142 or email

Authored By

Tara Crow
Literacy Programs Assistant


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