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Get to Know Your Neighbors: Throw a Block Party!

July 12, 2018 5:30 PM
by Constance Farrell

Get to Know Your Neighbors: Throw a Block Party!

Santa Monica is a small city that feels really big most of the time. We have so many tourists, businesses and recreational visitors to our City on any given day that it’s easy to forget that there are only about 93,000 residents here. The City’s Wellbeing Index found that 40 percent of Santa Monicans don’t feel they belong in their neighborhood. Only 56 percent of residents feel they can count on their neighbors, compared to 80 percent in a national survey. We are hoping to change that! Having close local ties with neighbors doesn’t just feel good—it builds community and strength.

One way to start connecting with your neighbors is by throwing a Block Party, and the City has made some changes to make that easier for you. Previously, every step of the block party permit process had to be done in person and involved multiple trips to City Hall and different departments. We’ve taken that process online with the help of CityGrows so you can do most of your party planning from the comfort of your own home! Visit for more information.

And hey—when you do throw that block party, post a picture to social media with the hashtag #SaMoBlockParty so we can share it with the world!

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