General Election 2020

Andrew Browning

Election 2020 Council Candidate Andrew Browning with trees and white background
Election Date
Nov 3, 2020
Candidate Type
City Council 4-year
IT Manager
Candidate Statement in English

I am running for City Council because I am outraged by what is happening to our city, a once charming beach town that is now overwhelmed by homelessness and crime. 

I’m heartbroken that my two children are afraid to use our public parks. 

I’m angry that massive over-development is the new status quo. 

My family and I have lived in the Mid City neighborhood for 16 years. I’ve been a renter and am now a homeowner committed to protecting renters and also to creating pathways to home-ownership for all residents. 

I’m an advocate for our children and our public schools. I am the Chair of the Santa Monica Field Sports Advisory Council, a board member of Santa Monica Dragons Lacrosse, and the former President of Santa Monica Vikings Youth Lacrosse. 

In my professional life I am an IT Manager at UCLA and I know the importance of building consensus to move bold initiatives forward, I know how to balance budgets, and how to get projects over the finish line. 

Together, with your vote, we will produce real change the residents can count on.

Declaración del candidato en Español

Estoy postulando para el Concejo Municipal porque me indigna lo que le está pasando a nuestra ciudad, una ciudad de playa encantadora que ahora está abrumada por la falta de vivienda y la delincuencia. 

Estoy desconsolado porque mis dos hijos tienen miedo de usar nuestros parques públicos. 

Estoy enfadado porque el sobredesarrollo masivo es el nuevo status quo. 

Mi familia y yo hemos vivido en el vecindario de Mid-City durante 16 años. He sido un inquilino y ahora soy un propietario de hogar comprometido con proteger a los inquilinos y también con crear rumbos hacia la titularidad de un hogar para todos los residentes. 

Soy un defensor de nuestros hijos y de nuestras escuelas públicas. Soy Presidente del Concejo Consultivo de Deportes de Campo de Santa Monica, miembro de la junta de Santa Monica Dragons Lacrosse y ex Presidente de Santa Monica Vikings Youth Lacrosse. 

En mi vida profesional soy Gerente de Tecnologia Informatica en UCLA y conozco la importancia de formar consensos para impulsar iniciativas audaces; sé cómo equilibrar los presupuestos y cómo hacer que los proyectos se concluyan. 

Juntos, con su voto, produciremos un cambio real con el que los residentes puedan contar.

Contact Us:

1317 12th St.,
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Election Events

Jul 15, 2024
Nomination Period (First Day to pick up nomination papers from Candidate Workshop at 10 AM and from City Clerk's Office by appointment)
Aug 9, 2024
Nomination Filing Period (Last Day to file Nomination Papers at City Clerk's Office)
Aug 14, 2024
Extended Nomination Period (Last day to file papers at Clerk's Office, if an incumbent does not file)
Aug 15, 2024
Candidate Statements: Last day to withdraw, if filing period not extended
Aug 15, 2024
Secretary of State: Public drawing to determine order of names on ballot


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