Electric Vehicle Charger Requirements for New Construction

In 2022, Santa Monica adopted a local amendment (also known as a "Reach Code") to the 2022 CALGreen Building Standards Code, requiring a minimum percentage of parking spaces in new residential and nonresidential projects to have electric vehicle (EV) chargers installed or to be equipped with infrastructure to support future EV charging (see the table below for details).

Increasing the availability of EV charging infrastructure at new facilities is a cost-effective way to support EV adoption. Replacing fossil-fueled vehicle trips with EVs is a critical component of the City's carbon emissions reduction goals, outlined in the City's EV Action Plan and the Climate Action & Adaptation Plan.

The adopted local amendments are effective as of January 1, 2023 

Click here for the Electronic Plan Review application that is required for all new construction. The permit for the EV Charging stations are included as a part of the overall project permit.

Santa Monica's EV Charger Reach Code 

Santa Monica's EV Charger Reach Code prepares Santa Monica for an electric vehicle future by increasing the number of required EV Ready parking spaces in multi-family and non-residential projects. Installing EV charging infrastructure during construction helps to avoid future retrofit costs, saving residents and businesses time and money when they are ready to go electric. 

EV Charger Reach Code Requirements: 

Single Family Home: 

Multi-Family Homes (3 or more units): 

Non-Residential Buildings: 

*Indicates City of Santa Monica requirements that go beyond CALGreen

(The exact number of EV spaces varies for non-residential projects based on the total number of parking spaces provided. Refer to Table A5. in the adopted ordinance for details.)

For more information on the new codes use the resources linked below and in the FAQ section. 

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