EV Incentives and Installation Resources

A range of incentives are available to purchase electric vehicles (EVs) and EV charging stations. 

Vehicle Incentives

Southern California Edison (SCE) Pre-Owned Electric Vehicle Rebate Program - When you purchase or lease a pre-owned electric vehicle (EV), you may be eligible for a rebate amount based on your level of income.

California Clean Fuel Reward- Save up to $750 on the purchase or lease of an eligible new Battery Electric (BEV) or Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) vehicle.

California Clean Vehicle Rebate Project- California residents can receive up to $7,000 for the purchase or lease of a new, eligible zero-emission or plug-in hybrid light-duty vehicle.

California Vehicle Retirement Consumer Assistance Program - Eligible vehicle owners may receive $1,000-$1,500 to retire their operational vehicle.

SCAQMD Replace Your Ride Program - Replace your older, high-polluting vehicle with a newer vehicle, upgrade to a hybrid or electric vehicle, or get vouchers for car-sharing or public transit passes.

EV Charging Station Incentives

Electrify Santa Monica Rebate Program - Receive up to $1,500 to install an EV charging station at your multi-family building or small business. 

SCAQMD Residential EV Charging Incentive Program - Receive a rebate of $250-$500 to install an EV charging station. 

SCE Charge Ready Program -  SCE offers three program options to assist commercial, multifamily, and public sector properties with installing EV charging stations (minimum of 4 stations). 

CALeVIP Southern California Level 2 Incentive Project - Funded by the California Energy Commission and implemented by the Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) and the Clean Power Alliance, the Southern California Level 2 Incentive Project promotes access to electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure by providing rebates for Level 2 (L2) Chargers.

New Construction EV Charger Installation Requirements

EV Charger Reach Code -

Click here for EV charging requirements for all new construction.