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ISD's Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

Leverage technology in support of responsive City services and an exceptional digital experience for the people of Santa Monica.

Our Vision

Through technology we empower people, connect community, and craft solutions to support a digitally literate city that works for everyone.

Our Values

  • Accountability: We serve the people and departments of the City and take ownership for the work provided.
  • Teamwork & Inclusion: We work to promote a collaborative, open, and respectful workplace, focused on opportunity and equity.
  • Excellence: We strive to deliver the highest-quality products and services in all endeavors.
  • Innovation: We identify opportunities to leverage the power of technology to improve the City, support new ideas, and change.
  • Integrity: We will conduct business in a way that is honest, transparent, and ethical.
  • Ownership: We take responsibility for our services and tools - when a user has a problem, we make it our problem and own its resolution.
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