Local Roadway Safety Plan

In 2017, the City analyzed collision data from 2006-2016 and developed a two- year Vision Zero work plan to study and implement safety improvements at high priority intersections and corridors in the City. This work targeted funding and infrastructure improvements at key locations and was the precursor to further in-depth safety analysis of primary roadways—like the Wilshire Blvd Safety Study. Building upon this work, the City refreshed the plan with the latest available data from 2015-2019.

Released in 2022, the Local Roadway Safety Plan (LRSP) identifies the highest priority intersections and corridors for improvement, as well as recommended focus areas to address some of the primary causes of crashes. The plan found that from 2015 to 2019, the City experienced the following:

The LRSP is a technical requirement for the California Department of Transportation’s Highway Safety Improvement Program and makes the City eligible to apply for future grant funds needed to make safety improvements.

Data Reports 

2017 Vision Zero Action Plan

2022 Local Roadway Safety Plan Summary

2022 Local Roadway Safety Plan Full