Active Aging Pilot Program

The City of Santa Monica and our partners (Alta Planning + Design, AMMA Transit Planning, WISE & Healthy Aging, and Santa Monica Spoke) are excited to launch the Active Aging Pilot Program. The program aims to achieve the following goals:

  • Mobility: Increase senior access to goods, services and recreation through more walking, transit, and biking trips.
  • Safety and Healthy Aging: Improve the safety and health of seniors, and the design of streets for use by seniors.  
  • Education: Increase the number of seniors who are confident using active transportation, transit, and trip planning tools.
  • Equity: Engage the diverse population that makes up “seniors,” especially seniors living on limited income and/or with disabilities.
  • Longevity: Identify effective strategies to achieve these goals in Santa Monica, and build momentum for a sustainable program once the pilot is complete.

The Pilot Program will include community-based events, active outings, seminars, and marketing approaches to remove barriers, to provide education, and to encourage and support the senior population in safely using active transportation to access daily needs.


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