Pedestrian Improvements at Four Schools

The Four Schools Project was completed in November 2021. The project resulted in safety enhancements at the following schools:

  • Lincoln Middle School
  • Roosevelt Elementary School 
  • John Adams Middle School 
  • Will Rogers Learning Community 

Between 2012-2013, Safe Routes To School hosted walk audits with Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District, school staff, parents/caregivers, city engineers and community organizations to solicit input. Data collected during the walk audit contributed to the design elements shown below. Construction for the Four Schools project was funded by local transportation funds. Each element of the project was designed to improve safety along routes to and from school. Project elements include: 

Curb Extensions with Paint and Bollards: Curb extensions at 10 intersections shorten pedestrian crossing distances, reduce vehicle turning speed, and limit erratic maneuvers by narrowing the travel lane. 

Loading Zone Enhancements: Lengthen loading times to provide a space for motorists to safely enter or exit their vehicle without blocking other road users.

Flashing Beacons at Crosswalks: Highly Visible flashing beacons at intersection to signal to motorists that they must yield to the pedestrian crossing the street.  

Project Materials/Downloads