Statement on Air Quality at Parking Structure 3 Demolition Site

July 7, 2022 11:51 AM

The City of Santa Monica’s demolition of Parking Structure 3 is on time and in compliance with all Federal, State and local regulations. Prior to demolition, the City invested in pre-construction activities including the removal of hazardous materials to ensure building demolition would proceed safely and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. 

On  January 27, 2020, a hazardous material report was completed by Converse Consultants and identified asbestos containing materials in the building. Asbestos abatement was performed by KML Services, a third-party contractor. Upon completion of the asbestos abatement activities, the City hired Arcadis, US, a third-party consultant, to provide asbestos clearance sampling, air monitoring, and a final inspection of the site. 

On three separate occasions from March through June 2022, the Parking Structure 3 site was evaluated by the three independent entities:  

  • Arcadis - took air samples that reported below the U.S. EPA post abatement clearance criterion, and the site was cleared. 
  • Southern California Air Quality Management District - inspected the site, observed demolition activities, and confirmed that proper particulate matter control methods were in compliance. 
  • EFI Global performed air monitoring for silica dust; detection levels were well below  CalOSHA’s permissible exposure limits.  

As the above-ground demolition work continues through the middle of July, City staff will continue monitoring and inspecting the progress to ensure that the work is completed safely and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. 

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