An Update on Parking on Parkways and Driveway Aprons and Sidewalks

November 10, 2022 9:37 AM

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – City staff have been evaluating community feedback and looking at potential options in response to re-codified sections of Santa Monica's municipal code that prohibits parking on parkways and driveway aprons in order to ensure safe and accessible sidewalks.

Pursuant to California Vehicle Code Section 22500(f), vehicles blocking the sidewalk continue to be subject to citation enforcement and enforcement will continue to ensure safe and accessible sidewalks.

However, regarding parking in driveway aprons and parkways as outlined in 3.12.380 of the Santa Monica Municipal Code, City staff will evaluate this section of the code to determine what changes are necessary to ensure sidewalks remain accessible and parking does not occur on green spaces (parkways).

In order to provide staff the opportunity to consider and bring forward alternatives, beginning immediately:

Thank you for your cooperation as alternatives are being considered.

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