Rep Lieu secures nearly $2 million for community projects in Santa Monica

March 19, 2024 10:41 AM

This press release was issued by Rep Ted Lieu

WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Ted W. Lieu announced that he secured nearly $2 million in federal funding for three community projects in Santa Monica. The Fiscal Year 2024 appropriations bills were signed into law by President Biden on Saturday, March 9, 2024. The funding will increase access to affordable housing in Santa Monica and enhance safety along Lincoln Boulevard.   

“I am pleased to have secured nearly $2 million in community project funding that I know will have a positive impact on my constituents in Santa Monica,” said Rep. Lieu. “Safety and housing are two key issues that are top of mind for so many of my constituents. I am pleased to have fought for funding for projects that work to address those concerns. It is an honor to represent Santa Monica in Congress and to bring back funding for each of these projects that will make a real difference in our community.”

Rep. Lieu championed funding for three projects that will benefit Santa Monica residents. These include:

$850,000 for the Santa Monica Affordable Housing Rehab Project: This project will ensure the viability of low-income housing in the Pico Neighborhood community of Santa Monica by rehabilitating a residential building. Pico is one of the most economically and racially diverse neighborhoods in the community. This rehabilitation project will replace all the major building systems, such as roofing, plumbing, electrical, heating, ventilation, windows, cabinetry, and flooring. The project will also improve resident safety by removing lead and asbestos materials, as well as improving accessibility of public and private spaces for individuals with disabilities. This project will align with the City’s Climate Action Adaptation Plan and will decarbonize an existing building and create an all-electric, highly environmentally sustainable building that will promote wellness and wellbeing for the residents. The building will create a new, large community garden, as well as provide solar panels and electric cooking and heating.

$500,000 for the Lincoln Neighborhood Corridor Safety Enhancements: This project will add pedestrian lighting, upgraded crosswalks, and other safety features that will dramatically enhance safety for pedestrians, vehicles, and transit riders in the neighborhoods along Lincoln Blvd. This phase is part of a larger project that includes upgraded crosswalks, landscaped medians, pedestrian refuges, pedestrian lighting, and bicycle connectors to improve safety in the community.

$469,100 for the Cloverfield Services Center Interim Housing Program Renovations: This project will fund renovations to two interim housing programs in Santa Monica run by the People Concern. The Cloverfield Services Center, which houses the programs, helps individuals who are traditionally hard-to-reach and sometimes apprehensive about receiving care gain access to: shelter, income assistance, workforce development services, and affordable housing placement services. More than 90 percent of the clients served at Cloverfield Services Center live with mental illness or co-occurring disorders and approximately 50 percent are struggling to overcome addiction to alcohol and drugs. The ultimate goal of this project is to better enable the Cloverfield Services Center to find permanent housing for our community's most vulnerable individuals and help them maintain an independent and healthy lifestyle.

This year, in Fiscal Year 2024, Rep. Lieu secured over $11 million in federal funding for 14 local projects across Los Angeles County. The projects improve community infrastructure, protect the environment, address homelessness and more. 

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