How to Apply for a Board or Commission

The City of Santa Monica actively seeks ways for residents to get involved in local government.  The program of boards, commissions, task forces and committees is one way to maximize public participation and engage residents who have a strong commitment to participating in their local government.  The program facilitates public participation in government and strives to ensure representation of diverse viewpoints and interests while maximizing opportunities for participation. 

Continue the Process:

Each board or commission has specific criteria or expertise that will be required at the time of application and/or appointment. For information regarding specific criteria or expertise, click here

  1. Submit an Application

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    Interested applicants are encouraged to submit an application at any time. Applications will remain on file for one year at which time City Clerk staff will communicate with the applicant asking them to reapply if still interested in serving. Applications are considered by Council whenever a vacancy occurs or during annual appointments at the end of June.

  2. Appointments to Boards and Commissions

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    Appointments to City boards and commissions are made by the City Council at an open City Council meeting. The City Clerk’s Office will send notification letters of the appointment immediately following the Council meeting at which the appointment occurred. Appointees also must complete a Statement of Economic Interest (or Conflict of Interest) form and Ethics training within 30 days of appointment. Other mandatory trainings include Brown Act and Cyber Security Training.  Appointees may not serve on more than one City Council-appointed board or commission simultaneously.

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