How to Apply For A Community Gardens Plot

There are three community garden locations with individual gardens plots rented to Santa Monica residents.  Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.  Plots are assigned as they become available in the order in which applications are received. Current Garden Permit Fees range from $100-$132 per calendar year (pro-rated by quarter). New gardeners receive an orientation prior to joining the program and are encouraged to participate in our Community Programming.  

Please note demand for community garden plots far exceeds supply. It will likely take years before you are assigned a plot. Once a plot is assigned, the gardener is allowed to renew their permits assuming they are in good standings with the Rules & Regulations and abide by our Good Neighbor Policy.  

Continue the Process:

To apply for the Community Garden waitlist, please follow the steps below.

  1. Apply

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  2. Be patient

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    Residents applying for the Community Garden Waitlist should be prepared to wait several years before a plot becomes available. You may be contacted during that time to confirm you are still a Santa Monica resident and are still interested in having a plot assigned to you.

  3. Submit proof of residency

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    When a plot is available, you will be asked to submit two documents to establish proof of residency:

    1. Drivers license or government-issued photo identification 
    2. Rental agreement, mortgage statement, or current utility bill 

  4. Attend an orientation session

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    New gardeners are required to particiapte in an orientation session to learn Community Gardens rules, regulations, and policies and to receive helpful guidance and advice to ensure your success as a gardener.

  5. Review and agree to Garden Permit Terms and Conditions

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    Documents which must be agreed to include the Permit Terms & Conditions, Garden Rules & Regulations, and the Good Neighbor Policy

  6. Pay Garden Permit Fee

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    The annual Garden Permit Fee for all gardeners is valid for a period of July 1 - June 30 and is pro-rated on a quarterly basis for new gardeners.

To apply for the Community Gardens Waitlist by phone, please call Teague Weybright, Community Gardens Program Coordinator at (310) 458-2213.

To apply for the Community Gardens Waitlist by email, please contact Teague Weybright, Community Gardens Program Coordinator at

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