How to Apply for a License to Carry a Concealed Weapon

The Santa Monica Police Department will accept CCW applications from City of Santa Monica residents through a third-party provider.  A CCW license allows for qualified individuals to carry an approved concealed firearm on their person for the purpose of self-protection. CCW license applications are processed through a convenient, online process which takes approximately 90 days to complete. CCW licenses are valid for two years from the date of issuance. 

The information contained on this page provides an overview of the CCW License Program; program requirements, the license process, and certain restrictions in obtaining a CCW license. 

The carrying of concealed weapons comes with a great deal of responsibility. The use of a firearm could result in death or serious injury, which can come with legal and/or criminal complaints.  


In order to qualify for a CCW license, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • The applicant is not a disqualified person to receive such a license, as determined in accordance with the standards set forth in Section 26202.
  • The applicant is at least 21 years of age, and presents clear evidence of the person's identity and age, as defined in Section 16400.
  • The applicant is a resident of Santa Monica. Prima facie evidence of residency within the city includes, but is not limited to, the address where the applicant is registered to vote, the applicant’s filing of a homeowner’s property tax exemption, and other acts, occurrences, or events that indicate presence in the city is more than temporary or transient. The presumption of residency in the city may be rebutted by satisfactory evidence that the applicant’s primary residence is in another city.
  • The applicant has completed a course of training as described in Section 26165.
  • The applicant is the recorded owner, with the Department of Justice, of the pistol, revolver, or other firearm for which the license will be issued.


Documents that will be accepted to show proof of residency are as follows:

  • Utility Bill means a statement of charges for providing direct service to the individual's residence by either a physical connection (i.e., hard wired telephone or cable connection, or a water or gas pipeline connection), or a telemetric connection (i.e., satellite television or radio broadcast service) to a non-mobile, fixed antenna reception device. The utility bill statement date must be within three months of the current date, and must list the individual's residential address as it appears on the individual's California Driver License or California Identification Card or change of address attachment thereto. 
  • Residential Lease means either of the following:
  1. A signed and dated contract by which the individual (tenant) agrees to pay a specified monetary sum or provide other consideration for the right to occupy an abode for a specified period of time.
  2. A signed and dated rental agreement by which the individual (tenant) agrees to pay a specified monetary sum or provide other consideration at fixed intervals for the right to occupy an abode.
    The residential lease must bear the individual's name and the individual's address as it appears on the individual's California Driver License or California Identification Card or change of address attachment thereto.
  • Property Deed means either of the following:
  1. A valid deed of trust for the individual's property of current residence that identifies the individual as a grantee of the trust.
  2. A valid Certificate of Title issued by a licensed title insurance company that identifies the individual as a title holder to the individual's property of current residence.

  The property deed must bear the individual's name and the individual's address as it appears on the individual's California Driver License or California Identification Card or change of address attachment thereto.

  • Current DMV Vehicle Registrations.


The licensing authority may place special restrictions limiting time, place, manner and circumstances under which any license shall be valid. In general, these restrictions will prohibit the licensee from: 

  • Consuming any alcoholic beverage while armed. 
  • Falsely representing him/herself as a peace officer. 
  • Unjustified or unreasonable displaying of a firearm. 
  • Committing any crime. 
  • Being under the influence of any medication or drug while armed. 
  • Interfering with any law enforcement officer’s duties. 
  • Refusing to display his/her license or firearm for inspection upon demand of any peace officer.  
  • Loading the permitted firearm with illegal ammunition. 

The Chief of Police reserves the right to inspect any license or licensed firearm at any time.  

The alteration of any previously approved firearm including, but not limited to adjusting the trigger pull, adding laser sights or modifications shall void any license and serve as grounds for revocation. 


Any Concealed Carry Weapon license may be immediately revoked by the Chief of Police for any of the following reasons: 

  • The licensee has violated any of the restrictions or conditions placed upon the license. 
  • The licensee becomes psychologically unsuitable to carry a firearm. 
  • The licensee is determined to be within a prohibited class described in Penal Code § 29800, Penal Code § 29900, Welfare and Institutions Code § 8100, Welfare and Institutions Code § 8103 or any state or federal law. 
  • The licensee engages in any conduct which involves a lack of good moral character or that might otherwise remove the good cause for the original issuance of the license. 


Any licensee may apply to amend a license at any time during the period of validity by completing and submitting a written Application for License Amendment along with the current processing fee to the Santa Monica Police Department in order to (Penal Code § 26215): 

  • Add or delete authority to carry a firearm listed on the license.  
  • Change restrictions or conditions previously placed on the license.  
  • Change the address or other personal information of the licensee (Penal Code § 26210). 


The authority to issue a limited business license to carry a concealed firearm to a non-resident applicant is granted only to the Sheriff of the county in which the applicant works. A chief of a municipal police Department may not issue limited licenses (Penal Code § 26150). Therefore, such applicants will be referred to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department for processing. 


The Santa Monica Police Department allows up to three handguns per license. The handguns listed on the CCW application must be registered to you in the State of California. The handguns must be capable of being holstered and concealed on a person or within a reasonably sized bag/purse.  The handguns, magazines, and ammunition must comply with applicable State and Federal Laws. The handguns must be a revolver or semi-automatic, single-action or double-action. No fully automatic handguns are allowed.  The recommended calibers include .38, .357, 9mm, 10mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP.

Continue the Process:
  1. Apply Online

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    Apply online through

    By clicking the link below, I am acknowledging that I have read the information regarding the Santa Monica Police Department's Concealed Carry Weapons Program and that I further acknowledge that MyCCW is a private third-party vendor who will be processing my application for a CCW under the Santa Monica Police Department's CCW Program. 

  2. Department of Justice Requirements

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    Complete the California Department of Justice (DOJ) Application, also available through 

    Upon completion of the application, the applicant receives a Welcome Email with a CCW License Request Packet, containing information about conditions and agreements, Live Scan service, and CCW firearms safety course certification. 

  3. Background Investigation & LiveScan

    + -

    • Initial review of the application by a background investigator (completed within 7- 10 business days). 
    • Interview with a background investigator and a review of required documents.  
    • Criminal history check through Live Scan fingerprinting.  
    • Thorough background check including but not limited to Firearms registration check (DROS), driver’s license check, local and county law enforcement contacts, want/warrant check, name verification, address verification, and follow up with three (3) character references.  

  4. Psychological Review

    + -

    The Santa Monica Police Department is requiring all applicants be referred to a License Psychologist for a psychological assessment at a cost to the applicant (Penal Code § 26190 (f)). Applicants will be required to take the Personality Inventory for DSM-5/PID-5. This process includes a telephone screening, Telemedicine (on-line test taking), test result evaluation by the Psychologist through a video visit with the applicant. 

  5. CCW Firearms Safety Course

    + -

    • Completion of an approved (minimum 16 hours) CCW Firearm Safety Course & Weapon(s) Qualification that includes live-fire shooting exercises where the applicant demonstrates an ability to handle and shoot the gun safely.  

  6. Accept Terms of License Acknowledgement

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    Applicant signs the Terms of License Acknowledgement and issuance of CCW License by SMPD, which is valid for two years. 

  7. Final Review

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    Upon completion of a Final Review, a CCW is issued by the Santa Monica Police Department and is valid for two years.