How to Comply with the Seismic Retrofit Program

If you own a property with a building that has been identified by the City as potentially seismically vulnerable, this page will help you navigate the process for achieving compliance with the Seismic Retrofit Program's requirements within the required compliance timeframe (see Seismic Retrofit Ordinance Compliance and Noticing Schedule). You can also view or Retrofit Guide to Compliance handout.

Is your building on the list?

Use our tools below to determine whether a property has been identified as containing a building that may be potentially seismically vulnerable. 

Continue the Process:

All information for successfully completing the seismic retrofit process can be found online.  Please follow the steps below to comply with the Program.

  1. Exempt from Program?

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    If a property on the City's Seismic Retrofit list is believed to be exempt from the Seismic Retrofit Program for any reason (e.g. prior retrofit, year of construction, not a hazardous building type, etc.), email a Request for Reconsideration to the Building and Safety Division at

    The submission will be reviewed by an engineer to determine if the property can be removed from the Seismic Retrofit list or not based on the information provided.

  2. Structural Analysis

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    If the building is not exempt from the Seismic Retrofit Program, hire an architect or engineer (civil or structural) licensed by the State of California.  This licensed professional will perform a structural analysis of the building to evaluate if it meets State and local minimum earthquake standards.

  3. Submit Structural Analysis to City

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    Submit completed structural analysis to the Building and Safety Division for review to: If the structural analysis finds that the building does not meet the minimum earthquake standards, then the building is required to be retrofitted. 

    If the structural analysis finds that the building does meet the minimum earthquake standards, and the City approves this determination, then the building is removed from the Seismic Retrofit list and no further action is required by the property owner. 

  4. Submit for Plan Review

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    Upon determination that a building retrofit is required, submit a building permit application along with related documents (e.g. plans, structural calculations) to the City's Electronic Plan Review system. You can find step-by-step instructions on how to submit for plan review here

  5. Obtain Building Permit

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    Once seismic retrofit plans have been reviewed and approved by City staff, a building permit must be issued for construction.  Upon completion of retrofit work, the City Inspector's final inspection approval on the associated building permit is the official verification that compliance with the City's Seismic Retrofit Program has been achieved.