How to Create an ActiveNet Account

An ActiveNet account via the Reserve Santa Monica portal is required to register for activities, make reservations, or join a membership.

Continue the Process:
  1. Access the Reserve Santa Monica Portal

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    Click here to visit our online registration system. 

  2. Click on "Create an Account"

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    The link is located under the sign-in button.

  3. Enter the Primary Account Holder's Information

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    Follow the prompts and click "Next" at the bottom of each page to continue. The primary account should be created in the name of the person who will be responsible for registering and paying for classes and programs. Additional family members can be added later. 

    The email address entered at this step will become the account Login Name, and be used to send registration information, copies of receipts, etc. Please avoid creating duplicate accounts. See the FAQs below for instructions on retrieving your username.

    Required fields are denoted by a red asterisk (*)

    To receive text message alerts, including cancellation notifications, indicate the cell phone carrier.

  4. Create a Password

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    City of Santa Monica staff will not have access to your password. Save this information in your records. See FAQs below for instructions on resetting your password.

  5. Add a Family Member (Optional)

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    After entering a password, you are given the option to add a family member to be able to register them into activities. Much of the information from the account holder will be copied over. Make any adjustments as necessary for the added family member and continue through the form by clicking "Next." An email address is required for each family member. The primary account holder's email address may be re-entered if the family member does not have one. Follow the prompts to add additional family members.

  6. Finish Creating an Account

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    After creating a password (or finishing adding family members), click on "Create an Account" to finish.

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