How to Find a Procurement Form or Agreement

The City requires a variety of forms and supporting documentation depending on the type of bid and amount.  The sections below contain the forms most commonly required and describe what they are and when you would need to submit them.  This section also contains the City's standard professional and contractual services agreements.

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  1. Oaks Initiative (submit with any bid/purchase >$25,000 annually)

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    The City Charter (Article XXII-Taxpayer Protection) prohibits a public official from receiving personal or campaign advantage from those to whom they allocate public benefits.  These benefits are defined in the Charter, and include any public contract to provide goods or services worth more than $25,000 annually.  The Oaks Initiative form is to notify any entity applying or competing for public benefits of the limitations it imposes in providing political support or contributions to public officials within a specified timeframe.

    See Oaks Initiative Notice or download form.

  2. Living Wage Ordinance Certification (submit with any bid / purchase >$54,200 annually)

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    This form requires a vendor to certify that it complies with the Living Wage Ordinance (LWO) as set by the Santa Monica Municipal Code (Chapter 4.65).  The living wage ordinance sets a minimum wage for certain employees, and requires that vendors provide the same health care and other benefits to employees’ same sex spouses and domestic partners as are provided to other employees’ spouses.  The LWO applies to contractors providing services to the City where services exceed $54,200.  Vendors are required to submit the living wage form and abide by the law when the total amount earned through work with the City of Santa Monica reaches the $54,200 threshold.

    • The living wage is $19.73 per hour for July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2024.  
    • The living wage is $20.32 per hour for July 1, 2024 through June 30, 2025.  

    The living wage will be adjusted annually each July 1 by an amount corresponding to the previous year’s change (January to January) in the Consumer Price Index (CPI).  The City will post the next year's new rate annually no later than May. 

    Please see Living Wage Ordinance for more information and FAQs.
    See Living Wage Ordinance Form or download form.

  3. Prevailing Wage Acknowledgement (submit with Public Works bids/purchases)

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    California law SB 7 states that public works projects greater than $15k (maintenance, repair, alteration, demolition, installation) or greater than $25k (new construction projects) require prevailing wage payment.

    Contractors involved with public works projects must register and meet requirements using the online application before bidding on public works contracts.

    Helpful links:

    See Prevailing Wage Acknowledgement or download form.

  4. Non-discrimination Policy Acknowledgement (for any bid/purchase)

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    All vendors must submit this form certifying that it will not engage in discriminatory practices and will affirmatively act to ensure employees are treated fairly in accordance with City, State, and Federal law.

    See Non-discrimination Policy Acknowledgement or download form.

  5. Non-collusion Affidavit (for any bid/purchase)

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    All vendors must submit this form certifying that the proposer has not in any manner sought by collusion to secure an advantage for themselves, or for any other proposer.

    See Non-collusion Affidavit or download form.

  6. Certification Regarding Debarment (for any bid/purchase)

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    All vendors must submit this form certifying that the bidder and/or any of its Principals, contractors, subcontractors and sub recipients are not currently debarred, suspended, proposed for debarment, or declared ineligible for the award of or participating in contracts by any Federal agency, and are not or being considered for the excluded parties list system (EPLS), or ineligible to work on contracts for California Labor Code violations (Sections 1777.1 or 1777.7). 

    See Certification Regarding Debarment or download form.

  7. Levine Act Compliance

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    Pursuant to California Government Code § 84308 (the Levine Act), a party to a proceeding before the City involving a contract, license, permit, or other entitlement for use shall disclose on the record of the proceeding any contribution in an amount of more than two hundred fifty dollars $250 made within the preceding twelve months by the party, or their agent, to any officer of the City.  No party, or their agent, to a proceeding involving a contract, license, permit, or other entitlement for use pending before the City shall make a contribution of more than $250 to any officer of the City during the proceeding and for twelve months following the date a final decision is rendered by the City in the proceeding. The Levine Act precludes an officer of a local government agency from participating in the award of a contract if they receive any political contributions totaling more than $250 in the twelve months preceding the pendency of the contract award, and for twelve months following the final decision, from the person or company awarded the contract.  This prohibition applies to contributions to the officer, or received by the officer on behalf of any other officer, or on behalf of any candidate for office or on behalf of any committee.  

    See Levine Act Compliance or download form. 

  8. Standard Agreements

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    Santa Monica has developed standard agreements for contractual relationships with vendors delivering Professional Services and Contractual Services.  While the City rarely deviates from these requirements, if there are areas about which you have questions, or you wish to make changes, please contact Procurement.

    See Professional Services Agreement or download form.

    See Contractual Services Agreement or download form.

  9. City of Santa Monica Terms & Conditions

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  10. Other Requirements

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    Business License (for any vendor operating within City limits)

    The City of Santa Monica requires all businesses operating within the City limits, including property owners and independent contractors, to obtain a business license and to pay business license tax prior to commencing business operations.

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