How to Get an Excavation Permit

An Excavation Permit is required for trenching, digging, boring, tunneling, drilling, potholing, jacking of conduit or pipes, or placement of a facility or structure in the public right-of-way. A permit is also required for Aerial Fiber or Utility run placements on utility poles. 

Excavation Permits are valid for 180 days from the date issued. Upon approval by the Public Works Department, the permit may be renewed. Each renewal extends the permit for an additional 180 days.

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How to Submit Excavation Permit Application Electronically

  1. How to Apply

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    Submit all Excavation Permit applications and supporting documents to: pwexcavationpermits@santamonica.govThis inbox is monitored Monday through Thursday 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. 

     Please do not send multiple emails regarding your inquiry; staff process all emails in the order received and will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. 

    **Important Note: An initial non-refundable fee deposit of $656.91 must be paid online. This fee would be subtracted from the final price of the permit at the time of permit approval. 

    Required Documents at Time of Application

    The following documents must be submitted with an application. Applications must be submitted via email to

    1. City of Santa Monica Standard Detail SM 15 (standard utility trench detail)
    2. City's Excavation Work in Public Right-of-Way General Notes
    3. All utilities within the vicinity of excavation with appropriate references to the locations of said utilities

    Construction documents that fail to comply with the requirements set above will be returned to the applicant for correction.

    Required Documents Before Permit Issuance

    The following documents do not need to be submitted as part of an application but must be provided to the City prior to pulling an Excavation Permit.

    • Contractor proof of insurance. Click here for the City's insurance requirements. Click here for a sample certificate of insurance.
    • Contractor information, if not provided as part of initial application (include valid CSLB license number, Contractor Business Name, Name of Contractor, Contact Information)
    • A valid City business license

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