How to Obtain a Pedicab Operator Permit

On April 23, 2013, the Santa Monica City Council adopted an ordinance establishing Pedicab regulations. The City has established pedicab permits and the Business License office is currently accepting pedicab applications. In order to ensure the seamless transition into full and compliant operations, below is the relevant pedicab information:

For information related to business license requirements please visit the City's Finance Department. Please submit Pedicab questions or concerns to (866) 311-7266, or using the online 311 System.

How to Apply

Contact the City's Finance Department to start the application process. Operators may contact the Finance Department ( to determine which forms are required as part of the application process. Click here to review the initial application process.

After the application, insurance, and all relevant information is processed, the applicant may contact Transportation Planning to schedule an inspection.

Ordinance Update - July 26, 2022

At the July 26, 2022 meeting, the City Council voted to allow a limited number of non-electric pedicabs on the Beach Bike-Path providing an alternative mode of transport that enhances tourism and reduces pollution and motor vehicle congestion. The ordinance will go into effect on September 23, 2022.

The widening of the existing Beach Bike-Path in 2020 with added separate, clearly defined path for pedestrians allows for a more hospitable environment for pedicabs to operate.

A limit to the number of operators will be established through a selection process. City staff will set the number of pedicabs permitted to operate on the Beach Bike-Path and monitor the results. 

Lottery Process

The City of Santa Monica invites licensed pedicab operators in good standing to apply for a decal to operate non-electric pedicabs on the Beach Bike-Path for permit year 2022-23. No more than 12 decals will be issued by lottery.

All interested licensed pedicab operators who have passed pedicab inspections for the 2022-23 permit year must submit an application to enter the lottery for a chance to operate a non-electric pedicab on the Beach Bike-Path. 

If you are not a licensed pedicab operator, but intend on applying to enter the lottery, you must first obtain a business license from the City of Santa Monica.  Incomplete applications will not be eligible for this year’s lottery process.

Important Deadlines:

Pedicab Lottery Application

Beach Bike Path Lottery Results - FY 22-23

These are the Pedicab Beach Bike Path Lottery Results per Section VIII of the Pedicab Rules and Regulations.

Continue the Process: