How to Obtain a Pedicab Operator Permit

Welcome to the comprehensive guide for pedicab operators in Santa Monica seeking to apply for a permit to operate their non-electric pedicabs on the beach bike path. This step-by-step process explainer will provide you with the necessary information and instructions to ensure a smooth and successful application experience, allowing you to embark on your pedicab business venture in Santa Monica.

In order to ensure the seamless transition into full and compliant operations, please review the following information before starting your application:

For information related to Business License requirements please visit the City's Business License unit. Please submit Pedicab questions or concerns to (866) 311-7266, or using the online 311 System.

Lottery Process (2023 - 2024)

The City of Santa Monica will issue up to 30 decal permits for licensed pedicab operators in good standing to operate non-electric pedicabs on the Beach Bike-Path for permit year 2023-24. 

If you are not a licensed pedicab operator, but intend on applying to enter the lottery, you must first obtain a business license from the City of Santa Monica.  Incomplete applications will not be eligible for this year’s lottery process.

Important Dates:

Continue the Process:
  1. Business License Application

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    A valid business license is required to enter the lottery. Contact the City’s Business License unit to provide a complete a business license renewal submission or new application for new operators. In person appointments can be made using our online booking system.

    Incomplete business license applications will disqualify pedicab operators from participating in this year’s lottery process.

  2. Schedule Pedicab Inspection

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    Once the pedicab operator submits a complete application to the Business Licenses unit please email with "Pedicab Inspection Request" in the subject line. Location and time slot will be provided via email.

  3. Pedicab Inspection

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    Prepare your non-motorized pedicab vehicle(s) to meet the requirements outlined in the Pedicab Rules. Have the serial number, model, and make information readily available. Each vehicle must have dedicated equipment that cannot be shared among the fleet.

  4. Submit Lottery Application

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    Only non-motorized pedicab vehicles that have passed inspection for FY 22-23 may qualify for the Lottery. Application must be submitted to with "Lottery Application" in the subject line.

    Pedicab Lottery Application

  5. Notification

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    Lottery Winners will be notified via email provided on the Lottery Application. Email will include location and time to receive the Beach Bike Path decal.