How to Obtain a Wireless Permit in the Public Right of Way

Santa Monica Municipal Code (SMMC) Chapter 7.70 regulates wireless service facilities in the public right-of-way. Further, the City Council authorized the Public Works Director to publish a Wireless Application Policy and Guidelines (Standards) document to supplement the regulations set forth in SMMC 7. 70. These Standards are published on this web page. You are encouraged to check this page regularly for updates. Public Right-of-Way. Wireless Service Facility. Standards and Regulations (Revised 03/14/24).

Please click here to read a memo from the Public Works Director regarding application fees for Wireless Facility Permits, 6409(a) Permits, and Wireless Telecommunications Construction Permits.

Please click here to read a memo from the Public Works Director regarding fees for the attachment of personal wireless service facilities to City-owned infrastructure in the public right-of-way. 

Applicants are responsible for ensuring that they comply with the latest published City requirements when submitting applications to the City, including using the most up-to-date application form.

Continue the Process:

The purpose of this guide is to assist applicants with successfully submitting a Wireless Facility Permit (WIR Permit) application to the City of Santa Monica Public Works Department for review. Applications are accepted by appointment only.

The following is a two phase process to obtain: 

  • a wireless facility permit and 
  • a permit to construct.

  1. Apply for a Wireless Facility Permit or 6409(a) Permit

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    Complete one of the following Applications: 

    1.1 Request appointment

    To request a submittal appointment, email the Permits Counter ( with the subject line “WIR Permit Appointment Request”. In the body of the email, provide a minimum of two (2) desired appointment windows. Allocate 15 minutes per application. 

    An event invite with Microsoft Teams will be sent to you. The person requesting the appointment will also receive an invitation to upload your application materials to the City’s Electronic Plan Review (ProjectDox) system.

    Before requesting an appointment, please make sure you have all required documents listed in the Wireless Facility Permit application.

    1.2 Upload your documents

    Once an appointment has been scheduled, project will be created for you and an email will be sent inviting you to access the project. First time users will also receive a temporary password. 

    Click “Project Access Link” in the email and login with your credentials. First time users are encouraged to update their password by clicking the “Profile” button on the top right after logging in. 

    Upon logging in, another email will be sent to you inviting you to upload plans and supporting documents to ProjectDox. Follow the instructions provided in that email, but note that Wireless Facility Permit application materials are only accepted in PDF format. Tutorials are provided at the end of the email for your reference. 

    All files must be uploaded prior to your submittal appointment. Documents must be submitted in PDF format. Documents submitted in any other format will not be accepted. All documents must be organized and named according to the information below. 

    Wireless Facility Permit Application     

    6409(a)-Permit Application                 
    6409(a) APPL

    Construction Documents                     
    0-TITLE for title sheet; all other sheets named according to actual sheet number.
    Each sheet of the construction documents must be saved as individual PDFs. Name the title sheet "0-TITLE". All other sheets should be logically named according to the sheet number (e.g., A-1.0, A-1.1, E-1.0, etc.)


    Site location justification                     

    Appendix A                                         

    RF EME Report                                     
    RF EME

    Structural Calculations                         

    Lighting Study                                     

    Coastal Commission Approval/Exemption                           

    Any information pertaining to an exemption request                     

    Previous submitted approved permits/plans                                    

    1.3 Your appointment

    When it is time for your appointment, please join the online meeting sent to you. Your plan reviewer will then go over all documents that you uploaded to ensure that all materials are present and uploaded in the correct format.

    If all application materials are present and correctly formatted, your application will be accepted and routed for plan check. 

    If application materials are missing or incorrectly formatted, your application will not be accepted. You will need to re-complete the Applicant Upload task and request a new submittal appointment.

  2. Apply for a Wireless Telecommunications Construction Permit

    + -

    Once step 1 above is completed and there is an approved Wireless Facility Permit, one may proceed to apply for a A Wireless Telecommunications Construction Permit. Please complete the Wireless Telecommunications Construction Permit Application

    This step is necessary to construct the wireless service facility in the public right-of-way as approved under a separate Wireless Facility Permit or 6409(a) Permit. 

    Required Application Materials 

    Before requesting an appointment, make sure you have all required application materials. Documents must be submitted in PDF format. Documents submitted in any other format will not be accepted. 

    2.1 Request an appointment: Send all appointments via email to the Permits Counter ( with the subject line “TC Permit Appointment Request”. In the body of the email, provide a minimum of two (2) desired appointment windows. 

    Appointments can be scheduled any day of the week that City Hall is open. Allocate 30 minutes per TC Permit application.

    2.2 Receive an event invite: An event invite with a Teams teleconference will be sent to you along with a OneDrive link to place all application materials. 

    This link only works for the email address of the person requesting the appointment. If additional people need access to the OneDrive, provide those emails when requesting a submittal appointment. 

    2.3 Upload your materials: Prior to your submittal appointment, upload all applications materials to the OneDrive link provided. Name the files according to the convention in this guide, create a separate folder for each application. 

    All documents must be named beginning with the Wireless Facility Permit number (XXWIR-XXXX) followed by a hyphen, then the document name as defined in the table below. 

    • The WIR number is case sensitive and must be all caps with no spaces.
      o 19WIR-0001 is correct; 19wir-0001 is incorrect
      o 19WIR-0001 is correct; 19WIR - 0001 is incorrect (please, no spaces in the document name before/after the hyphen) 
    • Place a dash immediately after the WIR number, no spaces 
    • Use the document name based on the document type defined in the table below. It must be all caps.
      o TC APPL is correct; Tc appl is incorrect (Please use all CAPS) 


    Wireless Telecommunications Construction Permit Application
    Document name: TC APPL
    Example: 20WIR-0001-RC APPL
    If a letter of authorization is required, attach it as the last page of the application.

    Documents Required as a Condition of Approval 
    e.g., Bond, bond amount justification/backup. All of these documents should be combined as one PDF
    Document name: COA
    Example: 20WIR-0001-COA

    Contractor Insurance
    Document name: INS
    Example: 20WIR-0001-INS

    Temporary Traffic Control Plan
    Document name: TTCP
    Example: 20WIR-0001-TTCP

    • Contractor insurance: The City keeps contractor insurance on file. If you have previously submitted contractor insurance and it is still valid, you do not need to re-submit. 
    • A copy of the contractor’s state license card and City business license are not required. Staff will electronically verify that these documents are valid. 
    • Construction documents are not required. Staff will electronically retrieve the approved plans from the City’s server.

    2.4 Application review: At the time of your submittal appointment, a City staff member will review all submitted materials. If all required documents are provided, a TC Permit will be emailed to you for signature. 

    Fees will be invoiced. If you are unable to pay fees online, please let us know. 

    2.5 Review and sign: Review and sign the TC Permit and email it back to the City staff member processing the application. The City staff member will sign the TC Permit and provide a copy of the approved plans and an inspection card. 

    2.6 Print: Print out the permit, plans, and inspection card. They must be maintained on the jobsite at all times

    2.7 Construction: refer to digital inspection card for next steps before starting work. 

    2.8 Permit Renewals: applicants are given 180 days to complete the construction work, one may complete the Wireless Telecommunication Construction Permit Renewal Application to obtain an extension.

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