How to Register for Youth Programs at Virginia Avenue Park

Virginia Avenue Park after school programs offer a combination of active outdoor activities, educational enrichment, and homework help. Virginia Avenue Park is following all LA County Protocols to ensure safety while still maintaining a positive, fun, nurturing environment for youth ages 6-18. 

  •  After school programs served 349 youth in FY2018-19 through elementary and teen center which provide academic assistance, arts enrichment, recreation, college and career preparation, and leadership development programs. 
  •  Through these facilities VAP offers an array of community-based programs that promote the well-being of youth and their parents through supporting the arts, academic success, healthy living, and community engagement.  The overall goal of the Park is to enhance the quality of life for youth and parents residing within the Pico Neighborhood.  
 VAP provides top-of-the-line academic assistance. Staff are trained to assist youth of all ages and languages. VAP also relies on volunteer tutors and collaboration with local resources to provide in depth academic assistance. VAP’s robust Artist in Residence program brings opportunities for youth to experience a variety of specialty classes from art to music. Virginia Avenue Park offers a variety of recreational opportunities.

Continue the Process:

A registration packet can be submitted in person by visiting the Park Center at Virginia Avenue Park.

  1. Pick-up a paper registration packet

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    Visit the Park Center at Virginia Avenue Park between the hours of 9am-5pm. Monday through Friday.

  2. Fill out the application

    + -

    Complete and sign the registration packet.

  3. Return to the Park Center

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    After completing the registration packet, staff will contact you in regards to start date and/or place on the waiting list.

A program registration packet can be requested and sent via e-mail.

  1. Requesting a digital program registration packet

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    E-mail Virginia Avenue Park to request a digital program registration packet

  2. Fill out the program registration packet

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    After receiving the program registration packet via e-mail, complete and sign the application.

  3. Return to Virginia Avenue Park

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    After completing the program registration packet, e-mail to Virginia Avenue Park.  Staff will contact you with program start date and/or place on the waiting list.

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