How to Use the Rent Control Document Portal

The Rent Control Agency maintains tens of thousands of records, which are publicly available through our online Document Portal. Currently, the portal provides access to ownership and tenancy registration forms, hearing officer and Board decisions, correspondence, and other documents dating back to 2005. You can search the archive by property address or parcel number, year, and document type and it is possible to sort, download, and print results. We continue to work on providing documents from earlier years as well.

Continue the Process:
  1. Open the Document Portal

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    To open the Document Portal, click here.

  2. Search by Address or Parcel Number

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    To search by street address, enter a building/address number and street name.

    To search by assessor's parcel number, enter the 10-digit parcel ID without dashes.

    A “type ahead” feature provides a list of available options as an address number, street name or parcel number are entered. The more characters entered, the more refined the list becomes. Choose from the list or complete typing the information. Press Enter or tab when done.

  3. Select a Year

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    If you know the year of the document you are looking for, select the year from the drop-down list. You may search only year at a time.

    If you do not know the year or want to see documents from several years, leave the search box empty.

  4. Click the Search Button

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    This will execute the search.

  5. Sort Search Results

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    You can click any column in the report to sort the documents, such as by Document Type, Document Detail, or Year.

  6. Open a Document

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    Click anywhere in the row of the document you want, and it will open.

    If you'd like to open the document in a new window, click the blue icon on the left.

  7. Modify a Search

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    To modify search results, add or type over the information in the search boxes.

  8. Start a New Search

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    To start a new search, click the “Clear All” button. The results window will close, and the search fields will be cleared.