New Change of Ownership Form

It is crucial to promptly update ownership or contact information with the fire department to ensure effective communication and coordination in case of emergencies. Accurate and up-to-date information allows fire departments to reach the right individuals or entities in the event of a fire or other incidents, enabling them to quickly respond and take necessary actions. This information is used to schedule and contact ownership of scheduling and billing of annual fire inspections in your building/business requires one. Timely updates also contribute to the overall efficiency of emergency services, helping to prevent delays and potential complications during critical situations.

Continue the Process:

Please fill out form and submit to the Santa Monica Fire department, Fire Prevention Division, via email or mail. Failure to update your information could result in additional late fees added onto your Annual Fire Inspection.

  1. Complete form

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    Download or print the new Change in Ownership form. If you are changing ownership of a building in Santa Monica or need to update your contact information with the fire department, please fill out this form and submit to the Santa Monica Fire Department. 

  2. Identify Building Location

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    Add address of the building, date of ownership change, business name and the nature of the business at this location.
  3. Provide Building Owner Information

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    Include the name of the building owner, owner's address, phone number, email and best emergency contact.

  4. Enter Billing Information

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    If billing information is different than the owner's information, include the name of invoice, phone number, address and email.

  5. If printing the form and sending via mail

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    Mail the completed form to:

    Santa Monica Fire Department

    333 Olympic Dr., 2nd Floor

    Santa Monica, CA 90401

  6. Emailing form

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    If emailing the form send the completed form to

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