Streetlight Modernization Project Package 3

The City of Santa Monica has contracted with International Line Builders (ILB) to convert 1960’s high voltage series street lighting circuits to modern 120-volt multiple circuits and install energy efficient LED luminaires at specified locations in the Pico and Sunset Park neighborhoods and install curbside EV charging stations at Joslyn Park (2 stations) and 620 Idaho Avenue (1 station). 

For project inquiries contact: Construction Manager 

Gene Higginbotham  (310) 754-5191

  • Construction is anticipated to begin in February 2024 and last approximately 6 months. Work Hours are between 8:00AM and 6:00PM. 
  • During the construction, restrictions on street parking and sidewalks will occur temporarily. Safety barricades and signage will be provided at work locations. 
  • Driveway and building accesses will be maintained. Street traffic flow will be maintained. 
  • Residential and commercial power service will be uninterrupted and maintained during the project. Power service for street lighting is isolated from residential and commercial power service.  
  • The operation of heavy equipment that is necessary to construct this project will create intermittent loud noise. 

EV Charging Station Location & Approximate Dates:

Street Lighting Modernization Program – Package 3 Locations & Approximate Dates:

  • Stewart Street from Colorado Avenue to Olympic Boulevard: 2/26/23 thru 8/2/24, Construction Notice
  • 14th Street from Olympic Boulevard to Pico Boulevard: 4/15/24 thru 8/16/24, Construction Notice
  • 24th Street from Grant Elementary to Ocean Park Boulevard: 4/29/24 thru 8/23/24Construction Notice
  • 25th Street from Pearl Place to Ocean Park Boulevard: 4/29/24 thru 8/23/24Construction Notice
  • 11th Street from Olympic Boulevard to Pico Boulevard: 5/28/24 thru 8/23/24 Construction Notice
  • Oak Street & Hill Street from 11th Street to 14th Street7/8/24 thru 10/4/24 Construction Notice
  • 20th Street from Olympic Boulevard to the I-10 Freeway Off Ramp: 8/23/24 thru 10/4/24

Please note that the start and completion times/dates of the construction may change due to unforeseen conditions and weather. 

Street Lighting Modernization Program

The Street Lighting Modernization Program converts 1960s high‐voltage series street lighting circuits to modern, 120‐volt multiple circuits and replaces high-pressure sodium (HPS) luminaires with energy-efficient light-emitting diode (LED) luminaires. The 120-volt multiple circuits are more reliable, require less maintenance, and allow the City to take advantage of energy‐efficient LED lighting technology. The Street Lighting 

Modernization Program consists of five projects to convert the City’s remaining series circuits to multiple circuits (Figure 1). 

  • Package 1: Completed in November 2018. 
  • Package 2: City Council awarded a construction contract for Package 2 in September 2019. However, the contract was canceled prior to the start of construction due to the financial impacts of the COVID-19 emergency. Staff anticipate that Package 2 will be rebid and completed in FY2024-25.
  • Package 3: The Project currently in the construction phase and anticipated completion is by September 2024. 
  • Packages 4 and 5: Staff anticipates the final two packages to be designed and constructed in FY2025-26 and FY2026-27, respectively, contingent on budget availability.

Figure1: Street Lighting Modernization Program Map

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