Aircraft Pilots

Santa Monica Airport maintains a proactive and extensive noise mitigation program. Airport staff recognizes that pilots truly are the key to a successful noise mitigation program and greatly appreciates your help in making the Airport a better neighbor.

For those unfamiliar with SMO, airport operations procedures are now available in short video format. Please visit the following link for the official FAA's From the Flight Deck video

SMO Airport Information 

Click here to visit the official FAA airport page.


All aircraft operators are required to register upon arrival per SMMC § Pilots can register via the Online Registration Form.

Transient Aircraft Parking

Limited transient parking for piston engine aircraft is available on the yellow spaces in front and east of the Administration building.  For all other aircraft, please use Atlantic Aviation, located on the north side of the runway. Transient parking fees can be paid at the front desk inside the Airport Administration building during business hours, or contact us to make an over-the-phone payment.

Overnight Parking Fees:

Unleaded Fuel at the Santa Monica Airport

On March 2022, the City of Santa Monica successfully transitioned the Santa Monica Airport’s (SMO) self-serve fuel station to unleaded aviation gasoline, Swift UL94. In support of the national effort to reduce lead emissions from piston-engine aircraft, SMO Airport is the first in the region to offer a viable fuel replacement option for 100LL aviation gasoline (avgas) at commercially competitive prices. More information is available at the following link: Fueling at Santa Monica Airport.