How to Go Solar

Santa Monica is committed to promoting renewable energy, with the City’s Climate Action & Adaptation Plan calling for increased local solar to be installed by 2030. To help achieve that goal, the City is relaunching Solar Santa Monica, a free service for residents and businesses looking to go solar. Solar experts are available to provide you unbiased technical advice to help you navigate the changing rules, incentives and financing options for solar arrays, battery storage, and more.

Producing local solar energy helps deliver clean power to Santa Monica residents and businesses, and pairing these systems with battery storage increases community resiliency in the event of power outages. There are also many financial reasons why you may consider going solar. Adding solar to your property can greatly reduce your electric bills over the 25-to-30-year life of the system and can increase the value of your property.  

If you have reviewed this page and would like to receive individualized support from solar experts through the City's Solar Santa Monica program, please fill out this form.